How Brent Ran 48 Minutes Faster Over 26.2 Miles He Went From Being A Football Player To Running A Marathon In 2:52

No of what you hope to accomplish with your marathon, making progress may be highly addicting. Who wouldn’t want to improve their speed? Gaining such ambitious personal bests requires that you first learn how to maximize the benefits of constant, concentrated training.

Runners are getting ready for a season that will be packed with opportunity to accomplish their goals as a result of the return of a more regular racing program in the year 2022. Given the amount of time and effort necessary to compete effectively in a marathon, many people consider obtaining a personal record to be the pinnacle of athletic achievement.

Although we all like monitoring our running progress on a weekly or monthly basis, there are times when training calls for setting longer-term objectives. It takes more months and years of rigorous training to uncover your full ability, and the longer the marathon, the longer it takes. But if you put in the effort, you can frequently do things that, when you initially started your training, you probably wouldn’t have thought were possible.

This week’s guest, like a lot of us, started running while he was in high school as a form of cross-training to be in condition for his major sports, which were baseball and football. He continued the habit when he graduated from college and even after that. Shortly after graduating from college, he competed in his first event, a five-miler, and then, around nine months later, he ran a half marathon. After that, he ran his first marathon, and ever since then, he’s been hooked on making improvement.

How Brent Made Huge Advancements During the Marathon

Brent is a member of our Team Strength Running club, and he is a great illustration of how a dedication to continuous training and growth can help you accomplish some remarkable and time-sensitive objectives. Brent completed his first marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes nine years ago, and by honing his preparation over the years, he was able to shave more than 48 minutes off of that time when he ran the grueling Boston route in April of this year.

We cover everything from his early training through his development over the years, covering the following topics:

  • The steps that he had to take in order to start running
  • The insights he gained about timing and tactics from his experience in racing
  • How he used scheduled workouts to grow faster His major “levers” in training, such as doing speed work while running longer distances
  • The significance of acquiring the ability to change gears while training
  • How he was able to draw on the mental and physical power that he gained from tough training during competitions

My discussion with Brent will serve as a source of motivation for you if you have lofty objectives that you want to accomplish with your running.

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