New Coaching Call With Coach Chris Robinson: Tips For Setting A 5K Personal Best

To accomplish a longer distance, you must first increase your endurance so that you can run further with less effort and then tailor your training to that specific distance. These are basic ideas, but they need careful preparation to be put into practice.

An excellent method to be inspired and push oneself in training is to set a goal for a new personal record (PR), whether it a quicker time, a longer distance, or some other challenge.

When you’re just starting out as a runner, you’ll set many personal records as you swiftly progress and run many various kinds of events. Now that you’re an experienced runner, though, you need pay greater attention to how you run so that you may maximize your workouts.

However well-intentioned, runners are nonetheless susceptible to the following training mistakes:

  • Inadequate weekly distance prevents runner progress.
  • skipping over strides, fartleks, and form drills, all of which are considered “maintenance” exercises for speed,
  • Overexertion during rest days and insufficient effort during exercises.
  • Putting off strength training

The desire for and pursuit of development are what keep runners committed to a routine of regular, high-intensity training, yet these typical blunders can slow us down. If you’re a runner in the masters division, fixing your training flaws is crucial.

One of this week’s radio guests is a seasoned runner who has competed in races ranging from 5ks to ultras. As much as he’s always been eager to put in the effort, he’s found it difficult to devise a reliable plan for his own training.

Chris Robinson is the head coach of the Eureka College cross country team and a member of Team Strength Running. Since taking on the role of coach, his own fitness routine has had to take a second place to those of his athletes on occasion. However, he has ambitious plans for 2022.

Chris, now 49, ran a half marathon in 1:37 and a 5k in under 20 minutes some years ago. In order to reestablish training consistency and focus on growing faster, he plans to run a 5k every month in 2022.

A personal best in the 5k race, out of the blue

Chris managed a 5k time of 19:56 without putting in a ton of dedicated training time; he was only keeping up with training buddies who were preparing for a fast half marathon. He is eager to see how much time he can shave off that already outstanding PR but needs some guidance to get there.

  • This week’s episode will focus on Chris’ running history and training, covering a wide range of topics.
  • When he ran his personal bests, how was his running style, and how has it evolved since then?
  • How does his current regimen compare to his past ones? When was the last time he won a race?
  • Chris wants to prepare for a marathon, but he doesn’t know how to organize his time effectively.
  • Is there something I can tell him about his training that will help him go faster without putting his health at risk?

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