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Notes from ICA conference 25 May

May 28, 2008

By Terry Flew

Reassessing NAFTA and the Cultural Industries

Sunday 25 May 2008




Annabelle Sreberny

• Danger of repetition of 1970s debates which were focused on film and television, but now around ICT and knowledge societies – still a technologistic drive
• IAMCR can challenge some of the ‘normalising’ rhetorics that come from UNESCO – internationalizing still takes US and Europe as the baseline – developed versus developing/emergent/transitional/crisis-ridden etc.
• Media & communications research needs to dialogue with other disciplines more e.g. economics, political science, law.
• How do we nurture creative and cultural industries to promote cultural diversity and new businesses (petty bourgeoisie) in developing countries
• Rhetoric is too abstract and universalising and not grounded in time and place – wanting more grounded projects and empirical, bottom-up studies (e.g. media anthropology)
• Afghanistan – has plethora of development communications after war – now has 14 TV channels, each run by competing warlord interests – is this what was wanted? – contrast to Iran where slow process of democratization is happening, but is ignored for political reasons





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