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Media anthropology, 15 years on (1)

June 9, 2008

By John Postill


It has been exactly 15 years since Debra Spitulnik opened her 1993 landmark review of media anthropology with the sentence: ‘There is as yet “no anthropology of mass media”’. I have blogged briefly about what media anthropology is, and mentioned a number of recent key publications and developments in this area of research. In this new series of posts I shall discuss not the recent media anthropological past – an issue I hope to address at a later date – but rather the futures of this burgeoning subfield. What do the next 15 years hold in store for the anthropology of media? What are the issues we should prioritise? What are the main theoretical, empirical and organisational challenges facing us?  All manner of queries, comments and alternative futures are welcome.


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