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John Hartley’s media studies

August 12, 2008

‘My media studies’ – the history and future of ideas
By John Hartley | August 4, 2008

Various people have been invited by the journal “TVNM” to write a short piece on the topic of “My Media Studies.” Contributors include: Manuel Alvarado, Sarah Berry, Charlotte Brunsdon, Milly Buonanno, Nick Couldry, Stuart Cunningham, Allen Feldman, Larry Gross, Heather Hendershot, Joke Hermes, Richard Maxwell, Vicki Mayer, Inka Moring, Horace Newcomb, Rune Ottosen, Arvind Rajagopal, Andrew Ross, Dan Schiller, Graeme Turner, Helen Wood and Barbie Zelizer.

The briefing from Toby Miller, editor of TVNM, is to write about: ‘What you are doing or intend to do; where you think the field of media studies is heading; where it should be heading; and what the key intellectual/political questions are, and are likely to be.’

I think media studies should be heading towards cultural science, so here is a draft of my contribution.

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[See also Media Anthropology, 15 years on (3), by John Postill]


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