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Media Anthropology Network meeting, 27 Aug 2008

August 19, 2008

Message from Philipp Budka, EASA Media Anthropology Network

Dear List,

Please find the agenda for the EASA Media Anthropology Network Meeting in Ljubljana below:

Wednesday 27.08.2008, 20.00
Ivan Hribar’s Room, Congress Square

1. Introduction (Changes in the Network’s Committee/Team — Philipp
Budka on behalf of Sigurjon Hafsteinsson )
2. Number of Network Members (531 Subscribers to the Mailing List —
Philipp Budka)
3. Working Papers and e-Seminar Series (Numbers, Figures and upcoming
Papers — Philipp Budka)
4. Bibliographies (Numbers, Figures — Anna Horolets)
5. New Website (Philipp Budka)
6. Opening-Up of the Mailing List Archive (Jens Kjaerulff)
7. Organising a Media Anthro Summer School (Philipp Budka)
8. Recruitment of Volunteers for Network Committee, esp.
fundraiser-cum-treasurer (Philipp Budka)

ad 5. We are collecting suggestions and wishes for the new Media
Anthropology Network website. So, please let us know what kind of
features you would like to have for the new website. These suggestions
and wishes will then be discussed at the meeting in Ljubljana.

Thanks and all the best,



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