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Now online: Rothenbuhler paper on media anthropology

October 17, 2008

Eric Rothenbuhler’s working paper on media anthropology as a field of interdisciplinary contact – as opposed to a subdiscipline – is now freely available on the EASA Media Anthropology Network website. There will be a listserv seminar on this paper from this Wed 22 October 2008 for a period of a fortnight. Rothenbuhler describes media anthropology in the following terms:

Media anthropology is the label that has most recently come into use for a territory of contact between two fields. Briefly, it represents both the use of anthropological concepts and methods within media studies and the study of the media by anthropologists. It may be a new interdisciplinary convergence; it could become an established field of inter-disciplinary studies, or even a new discipline. At the moment, though, it is best described as a territory of contact between two fields, giving rise to a moment of inter-disciplinary discussion.


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