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Mediated Crossroads: Identity, Youth Culture and Ethnicity

October 31, 2008

Mediated Crossroads: Identity, Youth Culture and Ethnicity. Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Editors: Ingegerd Rydin & Ulrika Sjöberg

Nordicom, University of Gothenburg, 2008, 223 p. ISBN 978-91-89471-65-8, Price € 30

Publishers’ blurb:

The book Mediated Crossroads focuses on family, young people, ethnicity and the media in the context of increasing migration in contemporary Western societies. The book includes studies covering both media use and reception. It reflects on the growing interest in ethnic minorities – both on the macro and micro level – within media and cultural studies. The contributing authors present empirical work on the media and cultural practices of migrants in a wide range of countries such as Belgium, Finland, Greece, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K, and the empirical data are framed by theoretical discussions on a more general level. The collection of studies is characterized by a discursive, everyday life perspective, in which concrete cases of migrant life – with a focus on children, women, families or young people – in relation to media and popular culture are analysed. The book deals with central issues in ethnicity and media research, such as how diasporic groups negotiate their identities, cultural experiences and tradi tions in everyday life in an environment that is increasingly permeated by various media, not least the Internet.


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