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Dorle Drackle keynote: ‘Cultural producers in the field of digital technologies’

November 16, 2008

EASA Media Anthropology Network 2nd Workshop, “Media Practices and Cultural Producers”. Barcelona, 6-7 November 2008

via Mediacciones site – see video of introduction to workshop and keynote here

In my presentation I will develop a new understanding of cultural producers as “mediators”. In order to take the associations in the digital worlds seriously, the complexities of connections between persons and digital technologies have to be reconsidered. In respect to those complexities it does not make much sense to continue using the concept of cultural producers which was developed during WW II for specific political purposes. Instead of defining the “right” concept for the right problem, I propose to reflect about the relations between different actors (no matter if we call them cultural producers, digital bohème or digital elite) and how they assemble. I will introduce a variety of field studies in order to show how these new mediators actively engage in virtual worlds, how they connect and develop policy strategies in digital mediascapes.

Prof Dorle Drackle, University of Bremen

see also Angela Dressler’s krautatlantik blog entry on mediators and personhood

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