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How it went with “Local leadership and personal media”

December 12, 2008

I gave a talk by this title at my home university, Sheffield Hallam, this past Wednesday and I had some very helpful feedback. Thanks! The talk was based on my anthropological fieldwork among internet activists in Subang Jaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Attendants were particularly interested in the following questions:

  1. Castells’ notion of ‘network society’; Wellman’s ‘networked individualism’, and the (mis)uses of both terms
  2.  The vagaries of the life course and how vulnerable personal networks are to changes in ego’s life circumstances (e.g. migration, divorce, new job, ill health, etc.) – an insight I owe to Vered Amit
  3. The similarities between the residential activism and ICT uses discussed in my presentation and those in other middle-income suburbs that are geographically remote (Toronto, Telaviv, Melbourne) – similarities that I will explore further in the coming months
  4. The contrast with other forms of activism, esp. young urban transnational activism eg anti-globalisation movement (Juris 2008)
  5. Gender – the internet activism and local politics I described being clearly male-dominated.

I have a train to catch, will continue later.

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