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Comparative ethnography

February 7, 2009

From Bristol University website

The aim of this course is to give students on the MA in Social Anthropology a solid grounding in the basic building blocks of anthropology. The course examines a wide range of particular case studies supported by ethnographic evidence, encouraging the students to draw comparative conclusions. A further aim of the course is to inculcate an understanding of the historical development of ethnographic writing, and a critical approach to the way that ethnographic monographs are created from the fieldwork endeavour. A compulsory component of the Masters degree, it is suitable for those who are taking the degree as a potential conversion course, as well as those who may already have some knowledge of the field.

Key Texts

Inda, J.X. &  Rosaldo, R. 2002. The anthropology of globalization: a reader. Oxford: Blackwell.

Andre Gingrich and Richard Fox 2002 Anthropology, by comparison, Routledge 

Ladislav Holy  1987  Comparative Anthropology  Oxford : Basil Blackwell.

Harvey Whitehouse and James Laidlaw 2004 Ritual and memory : toward a comparative anthropology of religion, Oxford : AltaMira Press

Lewis, I. M.  2004 Arguments with ethnography : comparative approaches to history, politics and religion Oxford: Berg.

Goody, Jack  2004 Comparative studies in kinship London: Routledge.


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