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CFP – AAA 2009 “Spatialities of movement and sensation”

March 9, 2009

via EASA Media Anthropology Network mailing list

Organizers: Bonar Buffam, Sandra Youssef , Ana Vivaldi (University of British Columbia)


In recent years cultural theorists, including Brian Massumi, William Connelly and Eve Sedgwick, have sought to (re)introduce change and transformation into cultural theory by foregrounding the effectivity of movement, sensation, matter and affect. Bypassing belaboured analytical oppositions between discourse and habit, rationality and emotion, and structure and agency, theories of affect in particular have forced social scientists to rethink the substance(s) of culture, sociality and social relations.

In this panel presenters will explore how affects, sensations and perceptions are transmitted and circulated through different textualities, technologies, movements, bodies, knowledges and spatialities. Having recently condensed a wide array of interests in the social sciences, the concept of affect is not tied or anchored to any one definition. In this panel presenters can explore the critical and analytical possibilities offered by different approaches to affect as well as discuss ways of ‘approaching’ affect through ethnography. If the discursive turn has offered social scientists analytical possibilities as well as specific tools, we expect to discuss the means for what exceeds codification as well as that which cannot be grasped through a semiotic analysis.

We encourage papers that present explorations on the questions of: What affects are mobilized through and composed of states of fear, euphoria and/or apathy? How are affects transformed as they circulate? What bodies, places, institutions are connected and assembled through the circulation of affects? What ‘intensive events’ emerge and disperse in this circulation of affect? How can we rethink politics through affect? How can we reconsider the limits of the human by thinking in assemblages of affect, movement and sensation? How are movement and sensation transformative mediations of affects?

This panel welcomes a wide range of approaches from explorations of shifting urban spatialities, to the role of media as a generator of affects, and to the emergence of social multiplicities.

Please forward expressions of interest or abstracts (of 250 words max) to Ana Vivaldi at by March 27.

Note: This panel will be presented as a Volunteered Session. The deadline for our final session submission will be April 1st. For further information please refer to

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