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Open Anthropology Cooperative, Research Seminar Series

July 8, 2009

The Open Anthropology Cooperative, an online initiative launched by Keith Hart and colleagues a few weeks ago, is growing rapidly at nearly 2,500 members as I write these lines. As part of this initiative I am organising a research seminar series for this coming academic year (2009-2010) to be held on the site’s main Discussion Forum. The template for the series is taken from the EASA Media Anthropology Network’s e-seminar series. The programme is as follows (NB indicative themes only, actual paper titles to be announced):

8-22 Dec 2009, Vered Amit (Concordia) conceptualising sociality

16 Feb-2 March 2010, Jeff Juris (Northwestern) urban activism in Mexico

27 April- 11 May 2010, Olumide Abimbola (Max Planck)  international trade in used clothing

8-22 June 2010, Alberto Corsin Jimenez (EOI): theme TBA

Details of other future events can be found here

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