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Ephemeral media

October 26, 2009

Original Message
Received: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 01:37:34 PM GMT
From: Paul Grainge
Subject: Ephemeral Media Plenary talks

This summer, the Institute of Film and Television at the University of Nottingham held two AHRC Beyond Text workshops on ‘ephemeral media,’ focusing on the growth of the brief or ‘ephemeral’ texts that exist beyond, below and between the films, television programmes, and radio broadcasts more commonly isolated for analysis. For those interested, the plenary sessions can be found as YouTube recordings and/or sound files on the Beyond Text website (following the photo and video gallery). See l%20Media

The plenary sessions include the following:

The Promotional Surround: logos, promos, idents, trailers

Charlie Mawer (Executive Creative Director, Red Bee Media) – Perspectives on media branding and TV design (this including a fascinating discussion of BBC idents and the branding of Dave, from a highly influential figure in media brand design)

Professor William Uricchio (MIT) ‘The recurrent, the recombinatory, and the ephemeral: thoughts on a textual system in transition’

Professor John Caldwell (UCLA) – “The Insider’s Promotional Surround: Rationing Production Knowledge, Managing Unruly Machines, and Worker Buy”

Internet Attractions: online video and user-generated ephemera

Professor Barbara Klinger, ‘Reenactment: Fans Performing Movie Scenes from the Stage to Youtube’

Hugh Hancock (Strange Company) – Machinima (an overview from one of the pioneers of the genre)

Professor Jon Dovey (UWE) -‘User-generated content: archeologies, economies and ecologies

Rik Lander (U-soap Media) – Web drama (a practitioner’s perspective on the creative and business challenges of online drama)

I hope they are of interest

Best wishes

Paul Grainge

Dr Paul Grainge

Associate Professor

Institute of Film and Television Studies

School of American and Canadian Studies

University of Nottingham

Nottingham NG7 2RD


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