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Social Sciences Open Access Repository

October 27, 2009

Original Message
Received: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 04:57:49 PM GMT
Subject: SSOAR – Social Sciences Open Access Repository

Apologies for cross-posting:

Expand the visibility and reach of your work by making it available via SSOAR – Social Sciences Open Access Repository – !

If you wish to make your documents available via a repository, there are a number of good reasons for choosing SSOAR:

– SSOAR is geared towards a scholarly audience in the social sciences wishing to search quality-controlled content across disciplinary boundaries and to access documents directly and free of charge.

– SSOAR is an important resource for German, English and Spanish-speaking social scientists who wish to make documents freely accessible to the research community in order to increase the visibility and citation frequency of their research papers.

– SSOAR offers unrestricted world-wide access to full texts – all with a standard browser.

– Each document has an individual URN (Uniform Resource Name), thereby facilitating reliable referencing adhering to scientific standards.

– Additional subject metadata ensures that documents can be sought and found easily. A simple Google search request suffices.

– Cross-linking with other resources such as portals ( ) and disciplinary databases enlarges the searchable content.

– SSOAR is networked within the growing Open Access community and guarantees technological innovativeness.

The document-deposit process comprises five easy steps and you can either self-archive your papers at:〈=en

Or we can archive the papers for you – if you have any questions relating to self-archiving, please contact Agnieszka Wenninger of the SSOAR team (

I will be happy to give you advice and to assist you with the deposit process.

We look forward to your submissions to SSOAR!

Best regards

Agnieszka Wenninger


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