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Notes on Siapera (2010) Cultural Diversity and Global Media

September 7, 2010

Notes towards book review of Cultural Diversity and Global Media. Published 2010. Author(s): Eugenia Siapera. Wiley-Blackwell.

Chapter 1. Rethinking cultural diversity and the media

Post-9/11 diversity and difference often more associated with conflict and friction than with celebratory identity politics of 1980s and 1990s, p. 2

Both leftist and rightist observers have exaggerated imminent death of multiculturalism, p. 4

This book makes two key arguments:

1. identity always mediated

2. mediation is implicated both in attempts at controlling diversity and in destabilising identities, p. 5

Following Thompson (1995), media transform and ‘remoor’ identity, dislodging it from original contexts, p. 7

How book is organised:

Chapters 2-4 how different countries around globe constitute and manage difference

Chapter 5 theorising relation tween media and cultural diversity

Chapter 6 the production of cultural diversity

Chapter 7 minority and diasporic media

Chapters 8-10 theories of representation

Chapter 11 what people do with mediated cultural diversity

Chapter 12 internet and cultural diversity

Throughout book: central issue of ‘the tension between control/containment of cultural diversity and responses to these’, p. 12

To be continued

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