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Workshop on the #anthropology of digital media, Issy Les Moulineaux, 18 Nov 2010

October 5, 2010

** Message from Nadine Wanono via the Media Anthropology Network mailing list **


Dear all,

For information, I would like to mention the French Association of Anthropologists is organising a workshop on the anthropology of digital media.Please, here is the presentation and the programme:

Workshop on the anthropology of digital media
Thursday November 18th 2010

Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in our societies, featuring as they do in so many different areas: the fields of economics, medicine, culture, politics, relationships, games, sport, spirituality and sexuality… faced with the predominance in our social lives of what was once considered a simple technology, AFA wants to initiate new thinking on the different modes of construction and deconstruction of the social sphere, as mediated through these digital tools and technical structures. The workshop will look at the specificity of digital technologies within the social configurations they generate and the transformations they provoke in modes of communication, transmission and memory. For the prosthetic capacities of these new tools can prolong, repare, accompany or amplify our actions and our perceptions.

Digital technologies and the language of computer programming open new areas of research for social sciences, which imply using new tools of conceptualisation and representation. Digitalisation of data, modelisation of knowledge, production of new spaces – all these are influential in all of our conceptual and epistemiological reference points. More and more often, our fieldwork is embedded in these new social networks, virtual communities, or new semantic tools. This interweaving of digital media into the daily lives of the most diverse social and geographic spaces, is essential for the study of anthropology and calls for an interdisciplinary approach.

By calling on specialists in the field, AFA with this workshop seeks to introduce topics for consideration which help us appreciate the importance of the digital world for social sciences. The day will be hosted by Le Cube, a centre for digital creation, a key reference in the sector and a unique enterprise within the French cultural landscape. This will allow our reflection to take place in collaboration with actors in the digital field and to go beyond a purely academic discussion.

Location : Le Cube, centre for digital creation
20 cours Saint-Vincent
92130 Issy Les Moulineaux

9 h45 -10h00 : Opening Address
Nils Aziosmanoff, President of The Cube

10h00-10h30 : Introduction to the Workshop
Sophie Accolas, AFA, AME
Nadine Wanono-Gauthier, CEMAF-CNRS-Paris I, AFA

10h30 -11h15 : « Exploding the article. For new writing formats, new uses for research data »
Sophie Pène, Research Director at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure / Création Industrielle. In charge research and developement in design and human sciences.

11h15-12h00 : « Digitalisation of data and Online Publishing » Pierre Mounier, deputy director of CLEO, who runs with Marin Dacos a seminar at EHESS on Digital Humanities.


14h00-14h45 : « Chaos, Cybercultures, Cybersubjectivities »
Christian Bourdin, researcher in multimedia at the CSA. Formerly in charge of research into digital radio stations and web radio for the programme director of the CSA. He is also founder of the association Access Public Media (France).

14h45-15h30 : « Acting out situations : ethnography, virtuality and created worlds »
Axel Guïoux, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Lyon 2 Evelyne Lasserre, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Lyon 1

15h30-16h30 : General discussion
16h30 : Conclusion
Bernard Stiegler, director of the Institute for Research and Innovation at the Georges Pompidou Centre, associate Professor at Goldsmith College, London University, and at the University of Technology in Compiègne. Founder of the Association Ars Industrialis

Farewell drinks

18h00 : AGM of the French Association of Anthropologists

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