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Latest news on Free Culture Forum 2010 and oXcars 3rd edition

October 26, 2010

Email from Exgae/FCForum

Last minutes updates on the very important gathering that will congregate civil society this week in Barcelona: 28-31 october 2010, Fcforum 2010 and oXcars 3rd edition (

Richard Stallman endorses FCForum’s Charter:

FcForum organizes the presentation of the Marco Civil da Internet in the European Parliament:

SGAE, after threatening EXGAE, will participate at the FCForum:

At the FcForum we will discuss the consecuences of the historic ruling of the European Court of Justice that consider indiscriminate and ilegal the current application of the digital levy in Spain with the lawyers responsable for winning the case:

This week, 28-29-30-31 of october:
FcForum 2010 (Barcelona and online)

All the citizens are invited to participate to the second edition of the international forum for Access to knowledge and Culture and the oXcars, the biggest free/libre culture ever.
Civil society’s opinion will be heard.
Organization and Action.
Come and participate.

Spread the word.

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