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Interview with hacker and @acampadasol pioneer Dani Vázquez

April 28, 2012

Interviewed by (in Spanish) on 4 January 2012, via

Notes below by John Postill

Video 1

02:10 #15M crystallised years of hard work to create open, aggregated political networks

03:10 «La madrugada del 16M se convirtió en un nuevo factor político y social. Una red de enjambres conectados con capacidad para juntarse en una acción común»

06:30 «forma de estallar muy pacífica, con un modelo de desobediencia civil muy relajado»

07:35 (contra Soto) Leaving squares to go back to internet was actually good move, made us less vulnerable [J. Postill adds: this contrasts with view of fellow hacker Pablo Soto who thinks leaving squares was biggest error of 15M].

11:00 internet changed everything, allowed us to reach millions of people bypassing mainstream media

22:00 opcion de salirse del sistema global muy dificil, proceso a largo plazo; construir economia real; eg modelos cooperativas funcionan bien en Esp; autoconsumo – 15M ayuda que esto crezca, e.g. Tabacalera, Patio Maravillas

36:00 great story of 1st assembly, incl. ‘time travellers’ foresaw explosive growth, how set up @acampadasol; modelo copia + modifica +abierto; first people to join acampada on 16 May arrive via twitter – “I’m responding to call by Isaac Hacksimov”

48:00 we create takethesquare domain because saw need to connect with global struggles in US, Greece etc; initially seven of us in communication group; then take the square idea spread virally; very easy to copy model

Video 2

05:50 before acampadas we could see a new phenomenon: if in previous mobilisations the website of group or platform organising it had thousands or hundreds of thousands of visits, now the hits were much more widely distributed; not only the organisers (DRY) but all sorts of platforms put out videos, photos, etc, and they too were getting lots of hits, which to me indicated that these various initiatives were heavily activated, a lot of work and effort going into them [LONG TAIL]

Off to get something to eat.. TBC…

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