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What happened to Occupy?

September 17, 2012

by Natasha Lennard via @Salon

Malcolm Harris, editor at The New Inquiry. The prankster who brought crowds to Zuccotti Park with false rumors of a Radiohead concert, Harris also had information from his Twitter account handed over to the New York district attorney’s office in a landmark privacy case:

Occupy has become a discourse or way of talking about both things that happen and how people feel. When we say “Occupy X,” it’s a half-joking way of claiming a right to take up space that doesn’t already technically belong to you. I think the importance of having that frame for thought has so far been undervalued and will be increasingly important since none of the problems that produced Occupy have been resolved. As a movement it was never going to work because it wasn’t a movement. As a tactic it has proven useful but not limitlessly so. As a way of understanding how people are able to change the world without asking for permission, I think we’ve only just seen the beginning.

More takes on Occupy here…

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