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Spain’s Partido X: a new political party steeped in digital culture

January 9, 2013

via Spanish Wikipedia (Google translation)

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The X Party, Party of the Future
Founded December 17, 2012
Country Spain
Website ,

The X Party (El Partido X), also known as the Future Party, is a political party appeared publicly in early 2013 . It was submitted by online 8 January 2013 through his Twitter account (Partido_X), but the party had brewing and a year ago by a group of between 70 to 90 people close to 15M and movement of the culture and free software . This party advocates wikigobierno , the referenda , the popular legislative initiatives , the direct participation of citizens in the drafting of laws , the transparency and the use of the Internet as a tool. summarize their program in the phrase ” democracy, period “.

We are children of a historical moment in which there are two great revolutions: the 15-M, and the network as a space to organize.

A Party spokesman X, El País



It enrolled in the Register of Political Parties that of December 17, 2012, under the name of Party X, Party of the future.

Were presented with a video uploaded to YouTube on December 31, 2012 and a Twitter account in which was defined as “an operation to evict the Chamber citizen. Attentive on January 8. “Great excitement was generated and before the day of the presentation and had more than 3,000 followers on Twitter. Your site was announced days in advance but was not available until 10:00 on January 8. The X Party appeared through his Twitter account at 09:00 on January 8, 2013 and issued a series of tweets explaining his project.

Congratulations! You have survived the end of the world!
Although, in reality, this was not so difficult. What really has merit is to survive for so long to the crazy occurrences of those who govern us. In this country led by lunatics, the strange thing is that all remain alive.
Enough! Now comes the real end of the world. The end of the world. It’s the beginning of ours. Let them where it hurts.
If they are our problem, we will be yours.
All hands: reboot the system. Day 8 is the beginning of its end.

Party X


As defined in its web, the political ideology of the Party X is logic. Its program contains only one point: Democracy and Point (popular legislative initiatives, referendums binding propositional, or aprobativos abrogative, Wikigobierno, actual voting and permanent transparency).

They are based on common principles that drive human initiatives Internet and the world as: free software , the open source , the free culture or free information . They claim that these principles are changing the way of doing politics, and do not correspond exactly to any ideology, doctrine or philosophy, but are rather a pragmatic methodology. A “how to” open, horizontal, transparent, cooperative and respectful, which is powerful enough to be applicable to almost any common issue.


His program, called Democracy and Point, is based on four mechanisms to establish a “true democracy” where citizens have control over what is legislated and executed. The mechanisms proposed are :

Referendum mandatory and binding

Consultations to validate all structural laws, regardless of their origin (proposed by citizens or legislators). The referendum is to be binding. You can be proactive, or abrogative approbative.

  • Binding on it because what is decided will be mandatory.
  • Through purposeful because he may propose new laws.
  • Abrogative it may repeal laws of equal or lower rank than the proposals.
  • And because a referendum approbative laws may be adopted by parliament arriving participatory way, as the popular legislative initiatives (ILP) or legislative .

or drafting legislation WikiGobierno participatory and transparent

The laws WikiLegislaciones are constructed collaboratively and transparently between citizens and governments. An application example is the current Civil Marco Brazilian Internet where the government presents a draft which provides citizenship amended in several phases until a balanced legislation for all contributions. The WikiGobierno is the result of a democracy that includes expert participation of citizens to develop and manage the common affairs. The most developed examples WikiGobierno there in the world are:

The Cabinet Digital is a program of physical and digital participation. Citizenship proposed changes in public policies related to various programs. Moreover large open consultations on general issues and the community itself makes proposals and prioritize the best, which is that after the government implements.

Better Iceland and Better Reykjavic are two projects of participatory democracy and WikiGobierno. Both platforms have served to boost public participation in change processes and Iceland have been transposed by the new governments. Citizens incorporate ideas, discussed and prioritized. Spaces are enabled to participate in public institutions (post offices, libraries, town halls, etc..). The Best Party (party anomalous that now rules the Icelandic capital) drafted its election collecting 100 ideas prioritized by the community.

Voting rights real and permanent

See also: Internet Voting .
See also: Democracy liquid .

Besides participating and monitoring throughout the entire design process of law and public policy, are also demanding the right to vote on them for what they consider citizens who are affected or interested (in Spain not pass legislation, but it is some representatives elected every four years ). The proposals listed in section 2 of WikiGobierno include the ability and tools for citizens to exercise the vote in a continuous and permanent.

They argue that, as voter registration in Spain is about 35 million voters and the Congress of Deputies has 350 deputies each seat is equivalent to 100,000 votes.

Thus, if a particular law will have a direct involvement of a million people to vote from home or from any polling permanently enabled (post offices, town halls, etc …), will deprive the group of MPs ten seats weight proportion to each. If the number of people who voted was, for example, 3.5 million, each deputy would have a vote equal to 0.9 seats, thus 35 seats and their votes, citizens again. The more people choose to represent themselves and vote, less weight is the parliamentary vote. If all citizens vote, only the voice of the citizens decide.

X Party Program

Previous experiences in Spain, as inicativa Democracy 4.0 , provide the legal basis for the practice currently a continuous direct vote on all matters that affect citizens, fulfilling Articles 1.2, 9 and 23 of the Spanish Constitution , without any change in the law.

2. National sovereignty belongs to the Spanish people, from whom emanate the powers of the State.

Article 1 of the Constitution.

2. It is up to public authorities to promote conditions for freedom and equality of individuals and of the groups to which they belong are real and effective, removing obstacles that prevent or hinder their full enjoyment and participation of all citizens in political, economic, cultural and social.

Section 9 of the Constitution.

1. Citizens have the right to participate in public affairs, directly or through representatives freely elected in periodic elections by universal suffrage.

Article 23 of the Constitution. Fundamental right.


Proposed mandatory transparency in every area and corner of the Public Administration . The public must be informed before any step you want to give the public administration in any respect, including both the description of the administrative and associated budget. The public will be watchful of all public expenditure, for according to them, effectively ending the corruption.


They have defined three stages of development prior to stand for election.

Phase 1 / Version 1.0 – Release and consolidation of PartidoX

In Phase 1, seeking public participation to gather suggestions, proposals, criticisms through an email.

Phase 2 / Version 2.0 – Web link to the solutions of future campaigns

In Phase 2, the game will offer the tool “collaborative development” to help people assess, modify and amend content developed by specialized civilian people and platforms that the party of the future considers “the seeds of this for solutions of the future. ”

Its aim is to “create in a short time just and efficient policies are carried out by specialists who created them, but they are soon amended by civil society according to their needs and experience.”

Until phase 3 have decided to remain anonymous, as described on their website “We do not appear to be acceptable by everyone and anyone to bear.”

Phase 3 / Version 3.0 – The Future Party replicates and multiplies everywhere

In Phase 3 shall be submitted to the elections, triggering the “mechanism of replication “, where you find that the party can stand for election of all kinds, whether general, local or regional. For this “replication” not detract from the objectives of the party of the future and no individual or organization try to misuse it, they have designed a “model scalability , “where if you do not respect a rule will not allow the existence of that party by name.

They say that when it is very clear what is the Party X, will launch a open licenses, such as the free software (LINK), so other affinity cores implement their methods in different places or communities of interest.

They also claim that a win for them would be that other party also put into practice his method:

Because we do not fight with anyone, we just want to develop a method that we or others implemented. If everything changes so much that PP or PSOE use it as we thought, then perfect. The applied by that method, will be the party that wins the future X.

Interview with anonymous spokesman Party X,

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Part of this article comes from the 15Mpedia article published under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.


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