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Third digital ethnography reading

August 31, 2015

by Will Balmford
Research assistant
Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC)
School of Media and Communication
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Hello all,

Welcome to round three of DERG! We’ve got an article by Helen Kennedy this week, entitled ‘Technobiography: Researching lives on and off’. It takes a bit of a different approach to earlier readings, but is an interesting read that will hopefully get us all thinking about how we conceptualise digital experiences.

Remember, DERG sessions run on the second Wednesday of each month. Please forward this email to those you think may be interested in attending this or future DERG sessions.  I’ll send out calendar invites shortly so that we’re all digitally synced up.

And, here’s a couple of questions to get us thinking in the lead up to the meeting:

1. How could a technobiographical approach change the way we approach research into digital experiences?

2. What are the relationships between digital ethnography and technobiography?

  • What does technobiography do that ethnography does not?
  • What does ethnography do that technobiography cannot?

3. Kennedy argues that technobiography better elucidates the relationship between online and offline lives/selves/identities/agency.

  • How do we understand these relationships and is it problematic to imagine them as separate yet related lives?

And, as always, please feel free to bring lunch, snacks or whatever you fancy. We’re going to be in the same room as last time (Building 9, level 2, room 9), so it should be nice and easy to find.

See you Wednesday 9 September, 12-1:30pm
Looking forward to it,
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