Dr. Stephanie Howe of the Department of Nutritional Science Discusses Marathon Fueling, Fast Food, and Craze Diets

Whether you’re preparing for a 5K or an ultra-endurance event, proper nutrition is crucial. Learn from Stephanie Howe, PhD., how to stay away from fads and use fuel efficiently for each run.

The food we eat provides us with energy. You’ve probably heard that expression before, but it can be challenging to put it into practice. It’s easy to get confused about nutrition fundamentals in this day of social media diet fads.

A trained nutritionist may be an invaluable asset to any athlete. Nutrition is highly individual, and there is no universally applicable diet plan. A nutritionist with knowledge of the needs of running is important to runners.

That’s why we’ve included this advice for runners in our materials:

  • Weight loss running
  • Ask a qualified dietitian and runner anything for free!
  • An extensive course on running nutrition

Running nutrition advice from a runner, dietician, and coach is significantly more likely to be effective.

Nutritional Questions? Stephanie Howe Has the Answers

This week’s audio episode includes a nutrition and exercise science expert from the ultra-endurance sector. Stephanie Howe is a world-class trail and mountain runner who has set many course marks and won the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run.

Stephanie is an accomplished athlete and scholar. Her dissertation examined the effects of exercise intensity on hunger in women who train for long distances. She is presently coaching runners and offering nutritional advice since she is enthusiastic about teaching others how to feed for competitiveness and long-term health.

The importance of pre-race fuelling practice cannot be overstated, and this is a reoccurring issue in today’s episode. There is less room for mistake the longer the race, therefore it is crucial to practice both eating breakfast before the race and refueling in the middle of the race. It’s possible that developing an honed sense of intuition is a learned talent, but as with any other ability, practice makes perfect.

Stephanie Howe discusses training and race nutrition, including some of the most divisive fad diets and nutrition techniques, in response to queries from Strength Running podcast listeners. She discusses all of these issues and more:

  • Is it ever too late to refuel during a marathon?
  • Understanding when and how to switch between fuel types during longer races
  • An ultra-fueling “pyramid” strategy
  • Do you still need to fill up on carbs before races?
  • Mix-and-match meals: a family’s guide to healthy eating on the move
  • Motivations for hiring a dietitian
  • What she thinks about the Ketogenic diet, other eating plans, meat-eating, and bonk-inducing exercises

In today’s podcast, Stephanie Howe provides a plethora of knowledge on the topic of nutrition, which is something many runners face at some point.

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