It’s Easy to Boost Metabolism Using the Scientists Advice

All processes totality occurring in the human body can be described in one word – metabolism. It is responsible for vital body functioning. This term is also used to describe the speed at which the body burns consumed calories. A low metabolic level leads to energy loss, poor health, and weight gain. However, you can independently maintain metabolism optimal level in the body thanks to some tips. Read more about this below.

Increasing the Protein Amount Consumed with Food

Your metabolism increases within a few hours after eating. At the same time, the more protein you consume, the more intense the increase in the thermal effect of food (TEF). TEF is responsible for the generation of additional calories to help speed up the digestive processes in the human body.Increasing the Protein Amount Consumed with Food

In addition to speeding up the processing and breaking down nutrients, protein also provides a sense of satiety. Overeating is excluded in this way. Protein is also a great tool that helps prevent a drop in your metabolic level during a diet.

Drinking Large Amounts of Cold Water

Many people know that replacing high-calorie carbonated drinks with clean drinking water helps to lose weight. However, few people know that this happens not only because of the calories’ lack of water but also because of water ability to speed up the process of metabolism in the body.Drinking Large Amounts of Cold Water

If you drink half a liter of water, your body’s metabolism will increase by about 20%. This effect will last for about an hour. If you want to achieve even greater benefits from drinking water, it is recommended to drink cold water. In this case, the body will need more calories to heat the cold liquid to the optimal temperature.

Intensive Exercises

Performing intensive exercises or high-intensity interval training provides fast and effective excess calories burning. They also help increase your body’s metabolism even after you finish exercising and training. High-intensity interval training in combination with intense exercise is also very effective at burning fat.

Regular Weight Lifting

The metabolic processes rate in muscle mass is much higher than in fat mass. This is why you should regularly lift heavy objects in order to build muscle mass and accelerate metabolism in the body. This way, the fat will be replaced with muscle, which will ensure calories burning even during physical rest.

If you don’t lift heavy items while dieting, you will lose not only fat but also muscle mass. This will certainly lead to reduce metabolism and fewer calories burned. You should definitely lift weights during your diet to avoid metabolism lowering.

Spend More Time Standing

If you spend a lot of time in a sitting position, this has a negative impact not only on your overall health but also on your body’s metabolism. Some researchers draw an analogy between the devastating effects of smoking and prolonged sitting. The thing is, the longer you sit, the fewer calories your body burns. This will certainly lead to weight gain in the near future.

You should know that standing will help you burn calories as opposed to sitting. If your work conditions include long-term sitting, don’t forget to take at least short breaks for standing every hour. This will ensure that your body burns calories and speeds up your metabolism.

Oolong and Green Tea Preferring

A number of studies have led to the conclusion that the Oolong tea, as well as green tea drinking, contribute to a metabolism increase in the body in contrast to black tea. These drinks have also the ability to convert fat into fatty acids. This contributes to weight loss.Oolong and Green Tea Preferring

Besides, green tea and Oolong tea are products with the low calories content. Thus, their use contributes to increased metabolism, weight loss, and maintaining an optimal balance between consumed and burned calories.

Spices Use in Cooking

Hot spices such as pepper, for example, allow speeding up the metabolism in the human body. This is why you should use them when cooking. This will make the food not only delicious but also useful and even help speed up the burning calories.

Spices Use in Cooking

The only difficulty is that not all people tolerate spicy food. However, studies have shown that even slightly seasoned food contributes to slight metabolism acceleration and burning calories. This effect is negligible if we talk about a single seasoned food eating. However, if you regularly use spices when cooking, you will get good results in the long run. This means that you should not use numerous spices to achieve a positive effect when losing weight and maintaining weight at the optimal level.

Full Night’s Sleep

Very often, excess weight is the result of sleep lack, which negatively affects the metabolism process in the human body.

The researchers also claim that insomnia will cause changes in the sugar level in the blood. Diabetes occurs as a consequence. According to research, people who suffer from insomnia experience hunger much more often than those who sleep fully every night.

In case you suffer from insomnia you should definitely consult a doctor to solve this problem as soon as possible. This will help you to have a good rest, as well as avoid possible health problems and overweight.

Drinking Coffee More Often

Coffee contains much caffeine, which is an excellent metabolic booster. This was proved in the research course. However, this substance is more effective at burning calories in thinner people’s bodies. The difference between the number of calories burned in the body of a thin and fat person is 19%.

Caffeine is also an effective tool for maintaining a normal weight. If your goal is to get rid of excess weight and maintain the result as long as possible, you should drink coffee more often.

Use Coconut Oil Instead of Sunflower or Olive Oil When Cooking

A distinctive coconut oil feature is the content of medium-chain but not long-chain fats. They contribute to the rapid calorie burning and increase metabolism by 8% more than long-chain fats.

Thus, if you want to cook really healthy food, which consumption will contribute to weight loss, you should definitely give up the usual cooking oils. Replacing them with coconut oil will allow you to eat healthy food and at the same time increase the metabolism in your body.


The statement that weight loss is a complex process that requires radical measures is erroneous. You just need to follow the above tips to help speed up your body’s metabolism and lose weight without significantly changing your habits and lifestyle.

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