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Future PhD students

Manuri Pabasari
Using social media to increase awareness of sexual and reproductive health and HIV and STDs among youth in Sri Lanka. RMIT, forthcoming. Co-supervision with Jessica Noske Turner.

Current PhD students

Tito Ambyo
Digital storytelling and spectral identity in post-authoritarian Indonesia. RMIT, June 2016 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Edgar Gomez.

Fouad Boges
Mobile phones, everyday life and social change in Saudi Arabia. RMIT, January 2013 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Marsha Berry.

Xinru Chen
The impact of life changes on the social media practices of Chinese young adults living in Australia. RMIT, January 2013 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Marsha Berry.

Sharon Greenfield
Young people, digital media, and bereavement: what digital objects tell us. RMIT, August 2016 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Heather Horst.

Maria Haberer
Crises of political representation: the transformation of institutional politics through net parties. Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Barcelona. December 2014 – ongoing. Doctoral committee member, with Ismael Peña-López and Jose Manuel Robles.

Victor Lasa
Radical transparency and political communication. RMIT, March 2015 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Binoy Kampmark.

Sheba Mohammid
Cartographies and contours of the Knowledge Society: an ethnography of digital media use in Trinidad and Tobago. RMIT, March 2017 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Heather Horst and Danny Miller.

Denise Senmartin
Facebook, the Argentine diaspora, and social change. Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Barcelona. July 2011 – ongoing. External co-supervision with Adela Ros.

Grace Taylor
Examining the alt-right: a digital ethnography of nationalist activism in Australia and the US. RMIT, March 2017 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Olivia Guntarik.

Ekaterina Tokareva
Political struggles over the Russian internet. RMIT, April 2013, ongoing. Co-supervision with Heather Horst.

Sarah Wagner
Mobile communication and local governance in the west-central Chaco, Argentina/Bolivia. Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Barcelona. Doctoral committee member, with Mireia Fernández Ardèvol and Mark Breusers.

Julian Waters-Lynch
The social learning practices of a coworking community in Melbourne, Australia. RMIT, Feb 2016 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Cameron Duff.

Lucas Watt
Living with uncertainty: An ethnography of communication in Veidogo squatter settlement, Suva, Fiji, March 2017-ongoing. Co-supervision with Heather Horst and Supriya Singh.

Citt Williams
Nganaga Ngamunka, the climate memory: sensing towards an emplaced climate literacy. RMIT, March 2016 – ongoing. Co-supervision with Sarah Pink and Seth Keen.

Former PhD students

Mohammad Khairuddin
The uses of Facebook for electoral campaigning in Malaysia and Australia. RMIT, 2013-2016. Co-supervision with Asha Rao.

Philip Pond
Software and the struggle to signify: theories, tools and techniques for reading Twitter-enabled communication during the 2011 UK Riots. RMIT, October 2013 – December 2015. Co-supervision with Jeff Lewis.

Kurniawan Saputro
Digital communication in crisis situations, with special reference to the Mount Merapi eruption in Java, Indonesia. Sheffield Hallam University, October 2011- Jan 2014. (External) co-supervision with Geff Green and Ruth Deller.

Godson Okafor
Nigerian journalism and democratisation. Sheffield Hallam University, 2009-2011. Co-supervision with Simeon Yates (till 2010).

Salem Mubarak
The Kuwaiti public sphere. Sheffield Hallam University, 2008-2010. Co-supervision with Rinella Cere (till 2010).

Rizal Rahman
Malaysian culture and design practices. Sheffield Hallam University, 2007-2010. Co-supervision with Chris Rust (till 2010).

Fausto Barlocco
Media and identity among the Kadazandusun of Sabah, East Malaysia. Loughborough University, 2003-2009. External co-supervision with Sarah Pink.

PhD examinees

Joshua McNamara
Audiovisual production and promotion in Nairobi and its relationship with the city’s humanitarian sectors: a practice-based approach toward understanding Kenya’s urban media environment. School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, October 2015.

Gabriele de Seta
Dajiangyou: Media practices of vernacular creativity in postdigital China. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Applied Social Sciences. September 2015.

Sarah Jurkiewicz
Being a blogger in Beirut: Production practices and modes of publicness. University of Oslo, Norway. November 2012.

Siti Zanariah Ahmad Ishak
TV soap operas in Sarawak, East Malaysia. University of Western Australia, January 2012.

Julian Hopkins
The monetisation of personal blogging: assembling the self and markets in Malaysia. University of Monash, Australia, Kuala Lumpur campus, January 2012.

Victoria Holmes
Local content and embeddedness on the internet: Following the texts and practices of bloggers from a Brazilian favela. University of Liverpool, November 2011.

Francine Barone
Urban Firewalls: place, space and new technologies in Figueres, Catalonia. Kent University, UK, December 2010.

Ivan Kwek
Producing Television, Re-Visioning Singapore Malays. School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, November 2010.

Antoni Roig
Cap al cinema col.laboratiu: pràctiques culturals i formes de producció participatives. Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Barcelona. November 2008.

Susan Mee Mee Leong
Social Imaginaries: a Working Model for Analysing the Internet’s Wider Implications for the Nation. Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Australia), October 2008.

Oliver Hinkelbein
Strategien zur digitalen Integration von Migranten: Ethnographische Fallstudien in Esslingen und Hannover. University of Bremen, October 2008.

Norfahezah Yusof
Cyberjaya: the Making of a High-Tech City. Nottingham Trent University, UK, September 2007.

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