Your Questions About Side Stitches, Cadence, the Off Season, and More, Answered by Coach Jason

All sorts of training-related issues, from preseason preparation to sandwiching to dealing with cramps and side stitches, are discussed in this week’s episode.

No matter how long you’ve been running, there’s always room for improvement in your training. Running is a never-ending education, so your inquiries into training and competition may shift over time.

Check out our extensive supplementary sections devoted to the most vital issues confronting runners today:

  • Avoiding Common Running Injuries
  • Top Picks Among Reading Material for Runners
  • Weight loss running
  • Running on Rough Terrain
  • Mental toughness for runners
  • Running with weights

You’ll be in a better position to achieve your goals as a runner if you take the time to learn as much as possible about the sport. Readers already know that consistency in training is the secret sauce to becoming a better runner, and that better decision-making leads to stronger, more consistent runners.

When looking for solutions to problems that have an immediate effect on your running, it can be difficult to sift through the abundance of competing information available online. Not only do the vast majority of runners not belong to a team, but many also lack access to a dedicated running coach. Finding useful, applicable information may be challenging.

In order to answer some of your specific concerns regarding the training method, I’ve solicited questions from the Strength Running community on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s possible that you’ve had to take some time off due to an injury and are now attempting to plot your course back to full health. Or prepare for the off-season. Also, what exactly do we mean when we say a run is “easy”?

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